About Us

Artun Orancı, having graduated from Lycee de Galatasaray and Mimar Sinan University of Istanbul with a Bachelors degree in Industrial Design, begun working in the sector in 1992. His initial field of interest was commercial construction designs which later combined itself with interior design and gradually included application of designs. Mask Mimari was formed in 1998 with an aim to be a non-conventional design and architecture firm. His designs and creations are known to be the utmost reflection of client imagination.

Arzu Orancı, also a graduate of Mimar Sinan University of Istanbul with a Bachelors degree in Architecture is partner and chief architect of the company. Having gained years of experience in various architecture companies, she now enjoys the opportunity to realize her architectural vision. Her designs, both commercial and residential reflect her outstanding and imaginative vision that incorporates both functionality and creativity.

Mask Mimari along with a team of professionals, undertake architectural and interior design projects and applications only to carry them to a level of perfection. Dedicated to understanding of modern design, Mask Mimari provides its expertise to meet even the most demanding client expectations and create exceptional living and working spaces.